10 Helpful Tips for Hair Care Tips

Tabloid pictures are full of stars with bad hair days. Do paparazzi wait for horrible pictures or great-looking hair is not possible without professional stylists?
Here are ten tips to help you tame those glamorous curls.

1- Go Pro: Part of what professionals do is apply the best quality product for your specific hair type. A product for your friend may not work for you, and if you get cheap products, well, you get cheap results.

Also, if you love to introduce some variety in your life by changing your hairstyle, remember that with new color or perms, and using a flat iron you change the structure of your hair, and you may need to find new shampoos and conditioners to match your new style.

2-Express Your Body Shape: Women often think of their body as neck down. However, your eyes, your eyebrows, your eye socket, your nose, lips, and ears, as well as your skull, has a very specific shape.

Understanding the geometry behind those helps find the complimentary haircut for that wow effect. Remember to look at the results. Gorgeous results out of your comfort zone may need some getting used to.

Also, you may have some beautiful features you usually hide because of a lack of confidence.

3-Protect Your Hair: UV rays and wind damage hair just as easily as they do skin. Hats, mouses, gels, and sprays that include UV protection come in handy.

4-Be Consistent: Don’t wait for the split hair to tell you that you need to visit your stylist. Visits spread over every 6 to 8 weeks is a good ballpark. However, pay attention to your unique hair growth.

5-Chemicals Must Remain In The Professionals Hands: It is tempting to try using harsh chemicals yourself. It reminds me of a saying that the lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client. Hairstyling chemicals are harsh enough to destroy the cellular integrity of your hair. They could do serious damage not only to hair but also to the scalp. You may end up paying more to repair the damage than you saved by doing it yourself.

6-Use Matching Color: Haircuts and colors should match. Colors and coloring techniques could bring out the best in your haircut instead of hiding it.
Cut first and then color.

7-Deep Condition Weekly: Conditioners need time to penetrate the hair. Most busy people condition and wash so fast that the conditioner doesn’t have time to do it works. Once a week, you can use leave-in conditioners for a long time. Some oils can be left for hours. You would notice the difference for days.

8-Use Ionic Ceramic Flat Irons: In some cases, you can avoid harsh chemicals and still get great results at home with flat irons hair straighteners and curlers.
Not all flat irons are the same. Pay a little more and get the flat iron that distributes heat evenly without drying your hair. T3 irons are a great example.

9-Pay Attention: A white sticky leftover that takes a lot of time to rinse is not necessarily a good thing. That stuff builds up and chokes the life and luster out of your hair and leaves it with limp and unmanageable hair that breaks easily.

10-To Towel or Not Towel: Toweling to dry your hair based on your aggressiveness and technique could cause split ends and build up static electricity to your hair. Squeeze the moisture with a towel instead of rubbing it back and forth.

Be well, do well, and look great while doing it.

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